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Fracture Care

Man's Broken Leg

Fractures occur every day among people of all ages. Fractures/broken bones naturally heal on their own but will require ongoing assessment and care from an Orthopedic Physician. Whether a patient has stress fractures caused by overuse or multiple breaks caused by trauma, Delta Urgent Care can take X-rays to determine if you have a broken bone, immobilize fractures with fiberglass splints, and make recommendations concerning Orthopedic follow up evaluations.

Did you know…

that there are steps you can take to lower your risk of suffering a fracture? Even the most active people can prevent bone injuries by eating a calcium-rich diet and adopting a strength training regimen that will build stronger bones. Athletes should take additional care to safeguard themselves against sports-related traumas by wearing the appropriate protective gear and being careful to avoid overuse.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during fracture care?

Fracture care varies from patient to patient depending on the extent of the break. Your doctor will x-ray your affected bone to determine the course of treatment necessary to facilitate healing in your bone. If you have a small hairline fracture, you may need no treatment at all aside from a little rest. On the other hand, a bone that has broken in multiple areas may need to be set or surgically repaired using internal rods and pins or external stabilization methods. Many fractures also require the use of a cast or sling to immobilize the bone and prevent additional damage from occurring. In some cases, physical therapy is necessary to regain full use of an affected bone and the connective tissues located near it.