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Why is it important to Be Antibiotics Aware?

Antibiotics are powerful, life-saving drugs. When your healthcare professional prescribes antibiotics, take them as directed. Patients can experience side effects while taking antibiotics. But remember, when antibiotics are needed, their benefits outweigh the risks of side effects and antibiotic resistance. When antibiotics aren’t needed, they won’t help you, and the side effects could still cause […]

Antibiotics Aren’t Always the Answer

Antibiotics save lives. Improving the way healthcare professionals prescribe antibiotics, and the way we take antibiotics, helps keep us healthy now, helps fight antibiotic resistance, and ensures that these life-saving drugs will be available for future generations. The Facts: When a patient needs antibiotics, the benefts outweigh the risks of side effects or antibiotic resistance.  […]

How To Deal With An Ingrown Toenail

Podiatry doctor examines the foot

Ingrown toenails are nails that have grown into the soft skin that surrounds the nail bed. In many cases, it is the corner of the nail that curves downward into the skin. However, the entire side of the nail may grow into the skin as well. Many ingrown toenails can be resolved at home by […]

All About Ear Wax

bulk of q tips

Ear wax – also known as cerumen – is a naturally occurring substance in the ear. Though it usually dries up or falls out of the ear on its own, ear wax can occasionally become impacted. This may occur due to an over-production of ear wax or cerumen that has hardened and too difficult to […]

Abscess I & D

Smiling senior male patient looking at female therapist

An abscess occurs when bacteria accumulate beneath the skin, resulting in the formation of pus. Eventually, the pus and bacteria create a raised pocket that may continue to grow until drained and treated. Also known as boils, abscesses are easily treated by an urgent care provider in the comfort of a doctor’s office. Abscess I&D (incision and drainage) is quick, simple, […]

Tips For Recovery From A Strain Or Sprain

Group of four kids running in the park with kite

At one time or another, most of us have experienced the excruciating pain as we twist our body or a joint as a result of a fall or improper landing. Ankles are the most commonly sprained, but these tips can help you recover more quickly. What’s the difference between a sprain and a strain? It […]

Myths & Facts About Poison Ivy & Poison Oak

Poison ivy is a climbing plant

Summer time means exposure to the elements. This includes poisonous plants like poison oak and poison ivy. However, many of us have also been exposed to many myths about poison oak and poison ivy our entire lives. Here are the facts about poison oak and poison ivy: Fact #1 The official name of this type […]